ART CLASSES (click names for details)

For me, art is the sharing of creative gifts inspired from nature and life experiences and transformed into images that bring beauty, hope, and joy to this journey of life.” -Susan Sholle-Martin


Join in this inspiring and creative art-making and writing course. Learn to use guided meditation, visualization, watercolor crayons and writing to create Soul Mail messages that come from within you. This process helps us to appreciate our gifts and deal more effectively with challenges by tapping into inner wisdom and guidance. NO ART EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.
Each participant is provided:

  • A course workbook filled with hands on exercises, tools and resources for promoting health and well-being.
  • Art supplies, instruction and opportunities to use a variety of creative exercises, including the basic steps of visualizing.
  • A positive, supportive environment with the opportunity for sharing and interacting with others. Each course is 4 weeks long with a 2-hour group session each week.



  • Watercolor painting is a FUN way to tap into your creativity.
  • Learn basic watercolor techniques such as strokes, washes, mixing colors, masking, and resists.
  • Explore elements and principles of design.
  • Learn to value and support your artistic self and connect your creativity with being healthy. NO ART EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.
  • Bring your own supplies listed: *Watercolor paint in tubes ( at least red, yellow and blue); *Watercolor brushes ( 1” flat and #12 medium round); *Soft lead pencil and kneaded eraser; *140 to 300 pound watercolor paper (1 large 24” x 30” sheet or few smaller sheets); *White plastic palette with 10-20 wells and a cover; *Plastic container for water, paper towels, and old shirt to protect clothing.
  • Each course is 3 weeks long with a 2-hour group session each week.



  • Take your creativity to a deeper level.
  • Learn additional techniques like creating skies, reflections, and shadows, etc. the first hour of class.
  • During last hour of class, work on your own painting within a group setting, and receive instruction and feedback through instructor led class critiques.
  • Beginner level knowledge and skills of watercolor painting and drawing are helpful. Bring own supplies.
  • Each class is a 2-hour group session and meets week by week depending on the group’s interest.



  • Explore how creativity is related to enhancing our health.
  • Complete a written self-assessment to evaluate your level of ‘Wellness’.
  • Figure out how you want to create more of the life you love.
  • Realize everyone is creative in some way and come be inspired to connect with the artist within you.
  • Slow down and relax in this class through quieting your mind during meditation and visualization with music.
  • Have fun using watercolor crayons to tap into your own creative vision and wisdom.
  • All art materials are provided. You will leave with a finished project.
  • No art experience required. Bring a spirit of fun and adventure!
  • This is a 2 hour presentation in a group session.


[expand title=”5. MAKING JOURNALS BY HAND”]

Tap into your creative genius and design your own hand-made journal. In this course you will find your own personal inspiration as you are led to explore the many unique decorative elements, binding techniques and layer building processes that make hand-made journals such an incredible means of expression. You will be provided with a workbook of instructions for various types of journal making, as well as, supplies for creating your own journal. This is a great follow-up course to the You’ve Got Soul Mail:Creative Journaling for Body, Mind and Spirit course. Each course is 3 weeks with a 2-hour group session each week.


[expand title=”6. PRIVATE OR GROUP ART LESSONS”]

Invite Susan to share various topics on arts and healing for fun, informative group presentations or workshops with hands-on experiences. NO ART EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. Private instruction is available at your site.


“Creativity is, foremost, being in the world soulfully, for the only thing we truly make, whether in the arts, in culture, or at home, is soul. ” ~Thomas Moore